Cleft Lip and Palate Infants Pregnant Women Not For Steroid Use

    Cleft Lip and Palate Infants Pregnant Women Not For Steroid Use

    One cause baby's cleft lip has been suspected because of the use of medications that contain steroids by pregnant women. However, recent research found that the use of steroids is not responsible for the birth of the baby's cleft lip.

    Previous studies, tested the use of corticosteroids in animals. The result is that using steroids pregnant animals make animal babies are born with lips and mouth defects. But such risks do not apply to humans.

    Research carried out Dr. Anders Hviid and Dr. Ditte Molgaard-Nielsen from Statens Serum Institut Copenhagen, Denmark have found that steroid use by pregnant women is clearly not related to the causes of cleft lip.

    Content of steroids found in medications such as asthma, eczema, allergies, autoimmune disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

    For such research, research conducted over 12 years in the period 1996-2008 to 832 636 live births in Denmark. As a result, there is no difference between pregnant women who use steroids and who did not use steroids in the first trimester of pregnancy to the birth of infants with facial clefts.

    Indeed, in the case of the birth of 832 636 live births there were 1232 babies are born with facial clefts, but it was not the cause for pregnant women who use steroids. From all pregnant women, the use of steroids only 6 percent because pregnant women have a respiratory illness using steroid inhaler in the first quarter of pregnancy.

    "It's not 100 percent safe drug that is used during pregnancy, but the incidence of cleft lip proved to be associated with steroids," said Dr Hviid as quoted by medindia, Sunday (29/05/2011).

    This same Dr disclosed. Molgaard-Nielsen Ditte that says pregnant women who use steroids during the first quarter was not found more cases than in pregnant women who did not use steroids. But he cautioned there is some corticosteroids for dermatological cases are associated with an increased risk of cleft lip in infants.

    But the two scientists suggested that pregnant women who are experiencing health problems should talk with your doctor to use a low dose of steroids to be given only to cure the illness.

    Although not directly related to the causes of cleft lip, the use of steroids in pregnant women should be avoided because it is difficult to say it is safe to use drugs during pregnancy.

    Cleft lip is smallpox experienced thousands of babies born in the world each year. Until now the causes of infant oral clefts is still unclear. Alleged greatest still due to genetic factors or cell division is not perfect.

    Cleft lip have occurred in the fetal age of 5-9 weeks that is when it starts to occur the formation of the mouth and palate. It was then thought to occur imperfect cell division can result in iron deficiency fetus or experiencing radiation.

    Cleft lip surgery is the best way to correct this abnormality. Babies with cleft lip should get special dental care to reshape the upper jaw before lip repair surgery.

    With cleft lip surgery the child will have a good speech, improve the appearance of the face and facilitate the function of the jaw and teeth to bite.
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