Cheryl Cole to take a break from the showbiz world

    Cheryl Cole to take a break from the showbiz world
    Cheryl Cole wants to take a break from the showbiz world.

    The 27-year-old singer ' who was sensationally sacked from the US version of 'The X Factor' after working on the show for just two weeks ' is now keen to take some time off as she does not intend to return to the UK version of the musical talent programme.

    A source said: "Cheryl has admitted she's not thinking straight right now and everything is a blur.

    "She hasn't stopped working for the past nine years ' ever since Girls Aloud started. She's now looking at this as the perfect opportunity to just stop for a bit and take time out.

    "She's going to sit back, take stock of her career and decide what to do next."

    Cheryl ' who is thought to have been replaced on the judging panel, also containing Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul, by Nicole Scherzinger ' reportedly did not want to return to the UK version of 'The X Factor' because she is feeling "fragile" about the sacking.

    A source added to The Sun newspaper: "She just isn't in the right state of mind at the moment to go headfirst into a new show.

    "She's all over the place, emotionally she's very fragile. Starting filming on Wednesday would be far too soon."

    She has also become "un-contactable" after the event, with TV executives left in the dark about whether or not she wanted a job in the UK.

    An insider told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Cheryl will not be returning to the British 'X Factor'. People have been trying to speak to her and persuade her this would be a good idea, but she's been un-contactable.

    "She hasn't returned phone calls. And you can't exactly negotiate with someone who won't even speak to you."
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