14 ways to get Rid of Child Snoring

    14 ways to get Rid of Child Snoring

    In this article I am going to discuss the Changes that female body goes through during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy brings lot many changes along with it in female body. During these 9 months many thing change for the pregnant women or say the mother. Your body will change externally and internally. It may cause some problem or discomfort to you, but as it leads a greater gift at the end, so you probably will not min these discomfort.

    The changes during pregnancy can be divided into physical change and emotional changes.

    Physical changes- Your body will change a lot during pregnancy. Your body parts like breasts, abdomen, skin etc will change a lot during pregnancy.

    The changes occur during different time of the pregnancy period. As the pregnancy stage advances, the changes will vary in their features and degrees.

    In the 1st Trimester (1-3 months) you will find Morning Sickness and Fatigue.

    In the 2nd Trimester (4-6 months) you will experience Fetal Movement and Weight gain. You will better during this time. Tiredness will no be there.

    In the 3rd Trimester (7-9 months) you will find Braxton-Hicks contractions and shortness of Breath. You may feel more tired. You will need more energy
    If you month wise divide the changes during pregnancy then it would be

    Month One
    In the first month, you may not see many changes. The body is still to show the symptom. You may feel little nausea. Sometimes you may want to sleep more. In some cases, you may feel tenderness or tingling in your breasts. As the time passes by nausea may increase. It is generally felt in the morning or in the evening. Breasts may enlarge and may be tender at the end of the first month.

    Month Two
    Your weight will increase. Your breasts will become firm again. You may find a bump at the tip. Tired ness is more and likely to be there. Your hormone progesterone and estrogen levels will increase by many times. So, you may find mood swinging as a normal happening. You may feel very hungry at times and at times may feel that you do not want to eat anything.

    Month Three
    Your energy reduces fast. Your activities will drop and you will become tired soon. Heart beat may be more as the heart will work more and blood volume will be more.

    Month Four
    Pregnancy can be seen physically. Some other problem like skin problems, joint pain, running nose may arise. Abdominal pain may be there.

    Month Five
    Your blood circulation will increase many fold. Light headedness may be there. So be patients while moving. Move slowly.

    Month Six
    You will fin dark ring around you nipples. Breast will grow larger. Sometimes you may leak 'colostrum' from your nipples. Breasts start to get ready for lactation. Blood pressure may increase.

    Month Seven
    Your lungs, digestive tracts, and liver may be squeezed upward.

    Month Eight
    You may find back pain. Walking may be little problematic. Sleep may not be sound.

    Month Nine
    Breast may become heavier and you may find "Braxton Hicks" contractions.

    It is very difficult to cover everything here but hopefully you have found this article informative and helpful.

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