Taylor Momsen Does Seventeen Magazine

    Taylor Momsen Does Seventeen Magazine

    "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen graces the cover of the new Seventeen magazine this month, looking like her typical rockstar and radiant self. In the issue Taylor dishes about her style, her inspirations, and what it is that truly makes her happy — and here’s a hint, it’s definitely not the glamorous life she leads on the Upper East Side!

    She tells the mag, "I always have on a little vintage crystal circle necklace, a bunch of bracelets that I wear all the time, my two pinkie rings, and I'm always wearing hoops in my ears — those never come out."

    Also among her favorite things to wear are pieces that don't fit like a glove. "I like to wear a lot of baggy things. Like, I buy guys' clothes, like T-shirts, and I cut them up and wear them loose, but my blazers have to be really fitted. I also like layering things and really short skirts — or showing off my legs." (Those legs, by the way, are not always an asset though. She says they make her a total klutz. "I mean, I'm like Bambi. I fall all over myself because I can't control my arms and my really long legs.")

    Taylor Momsen - Seventeen magazine Taylor Momsen - Seventeen magazine Taylor Momsen - Seventeen magazine

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