Hilary Duff In Lucky

    Hilary Duff In Lucky Magazine pictures
    Hilary Duff keeps it fun and flirty on the April 2008 cover of Lucky Magazine.

    The singer/actress has three movies coming out this year — Safety Glass, Greta and War, Inc. She’s also currently on a world tour for her album Dignity and designing a new line of accessories for her clothing label, Stuff by Hilary Duff.

    Says Duff, “It’s crazy, but actually, keeping this schedule has taught me a lot of tricks about what to wear when I need things to be easy. I now have outfits that are both unique and quick that I know will absolutely work no matter where I’m going - I love that”

    On designing for her fashion label: “I’m very particular about the structure, texture, and detail of all my clothes. My favorite pieces are ones that steer away from the norm, at least a little bit, and I like things that have some drama.”

    On her new Elizabeth Arden perfume called Wrapped With Love Hilary Duff: “This new perfume is lighter and sweeter than my last one. I wanted the scent to seem springy, like when you first throw on a sundress in warm weather and feel really girly.”Source URL: http://doradadama.blogspot.com/2008/03/hilary-duff-in-lucky.html
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