Amy Winehouse Sat Down With 'V' Magazine

    Amy Winehouse Sat Down With 'V' Magazine Pictures

    British songstress Amy Winehouse sat down with 'V' magazine to talk about her career, the pressures of fame and her in-laws. Here are some highlights from the interview...

    Amy on George Michael’s cannabis habit:
    “George Michael just smokes a load of puff all the time, I don’t know if that’d be a good influence. I bet he’s really nice though.”

    Amy on her sublime ballad with Prince, Love Is a Losing Game:
    “He did such a long guitar solo I felt like I was in a Guns ‘N’ Roses video. The only thing missing was Slash smoking a fag in the rain.”

    Amy on her promise to not to write a record about the (considerable, in her case) pressures of fame:
    “Who wants to listen to an album about having the red tops [tabloids] camped outside your house?”

    Amy on her in-laws’ accusations that her relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil is toxic and could lead to their demise:
    “I think that was a bit extreme, really. But I love Blake so much—I’m a very lucky girl. I think my mum and dad and Blake’s mum and dad were just really worried about us. At first Blake’s parents couldn’t quite suss out whether my parents wanted the best for both of us or just me, and I’m sure my mum and dad were wondering the same. But Georgette, my mother in law, I love her so much. I’m just like her kid, you know.”

    Amy on whether the beehive is all hers:
    “Course it’s all real!”
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