Elisha Cuthbert For Complex Magazine

    As a Canadian, were you surprised that the U.S. elected a black president?
    Elisha Cuthbert: Now that it’s happened, it almost feels like…like it’s what’s supposed to be, which is kind of crazy. When it was confirmed that Barack Obama was going to be the next president, I got very emotional—and I can’t even vote! If you know anything about American history, you know what a huge step this has been for the country. I’m very proud of the U.S. for making some big changes.

    Does being a child star in Canada come with as much baggage as it does in the States?
    Elisha Cuthbert: Not really. Canada has been really supportive, and I think the main comment that I get is, “We’re really proud that you went to L.A. and you made it,” and it’s just always been really positive. They don’t look at me as this sort of awkward child star. They’ve come along for the ride and been really respectful.

    Is there a paparazzi problem there?
    Elisha Cuthbert: Gossip magazines are definitely being sold, and in big numbers, but I think I have more of a private life [in Canada] than I do in L.A., and it’s nice. But I think it’s how you conduct yourself, too. I mean, there are a lot of celebrities in the gossip magazines that draw a lot of attention to themselves. I try to stay busy with work as much as I can and really keep quiet when I’m not.

    Were you rooting for her against Obama? Do you think she would make a good president?
    Elisha Cuthbert: I think she’s completely capable, but I was really kind of, “either one.” When you’re not capable of going to the polls and voting, your perspective on the campaign is much different from someone who has to pay attention and make an informed decision. I was just like, As long as we have one of these two [Democrats], I’ll be happy. We’re a very liberal country. For us to understand Bush [was] a little bit more complicated.

    Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine (Feb/March 2009)
    Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine Pictures Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine Pictures Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine Pictures Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine Pictures Elisha Cuthbert - Complex Magazine Pictures
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